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Veggie Happy started with a mission to get veggie dogs into Major League Baseball stadiums ... and succeeded!

Veggie Happy advocates for plant-based menu options with a proven appeal to all food lovers. Why limit vegan options to one consumer category if they have a proven mainstream appeal?

Veggie Happy advises foodservice establishments, empowers consumers, and offers promotional and outreach services for viable plant-based food companies and relevant organizations.

The online Venue Vegetarian Guide is utilized by thousands of people all over the country.

*Veggie Happy changed its name from Soy Happy to better reflect the full range of plant-based foods that it celebrates.

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Venue Vegetarian Guide
Check the vegetarian/vegan menu listings at your fave venues... and chime in with your suggestions and feedback!

Veggie Happy is Soy Happy, too. Soy Happy is a federally registered trademark ®

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