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Read the Los Angeles Times feature,"Half of baseball buys into her idea for veggie dogs"

I am dedicated to bridging cultural gaps and empowering individuals to realize that their voices and their actions matter. My advocacy efforts as Veggie Happy (formerly called Soy Happy) were initiated with this belief in mind. We all count. If every one of us realizes this, amazing things can happen!

Veggie Happy celebrates what's positive and what's possible. When I advocate for plant-based options on mainstream menus, I only encourage items with proven appeal and popularity among all food lovers, making them a win/win proposition.

I began my quest in 2000 when 0 Major League Baseball stadiums offered veggie dogs. I started by offering assistance and consultation to one baseball stadium at a time. Today, 30 MLB stadiums offer veggie dogs in general concessions. Many also have veggie burgers, and some have plant-based cheese or "chicken" or "steak" items, as well.

Ballpark fare has come a long way since 2000, and much of that is thanks to fans who have realized the power of their feedback. When customers provide feedback, businesses heed their requests..

- Johanna McCloy is founder and director of Veggie Happy.

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