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Veggie Happy is a volunteer project and welcomes donations.

Read the Los Angeles Times feature,"Half of baseball buys into her idea for veggie dogs" (Note: Veggie Happy changed its name from Soy Happy.)

From founder/director Johanna McCloy:

I am dedicated to bridging cultural gaps and empowering individuals to realize that their voices and their actions matter. My advocacy efforts as Veggie Happy were initiated with this belief in mind. We all count. If every one of us realizes that, amazing things can happen!

Veggie Happy celebrates what's positive and what's possible. When I advocate for vegan options on mainstream menus, I only encourage items with proven appeal and popularity among all food lovers, making them a win/win for venues and fans alike.

I started my quest in 2000 when none of the Major League Baseball stadiums offered a vegetarian version of a hot dog on the menu. I consulted individually with many stadium foodservice managers to facilitate sample tastings and provided outreach and promotional assistance whenever vegan items were added to the menu. One by one, Veggie Happy (formerly named Soy Happy) opened doors. By opening day of 2014, 27 of 30 MLB parks had veggie dogs or vegan frankfurters on their menus. Today, Veggie Happy offers vegan menu consultation for a wide variety of venues and foodservice providers.

I'm proud of what Veggie Happy has accomplished, but I also know that it hasn't been possible without the input of all the fans who have taken the time to contact their favorite venues with menu feedback of their own.

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Johanna (pronounced "yo-hah-nah") McCloy grew up overseas in Spain, India, Japan and Venezuela and has a B.A. from Duke University in Comparative Area Studies and Anthropology. She studied acting with the legendary Sanford Meisner and is a professional actor with notable roles in theatre, television and film. Johanna has also worked behind the camera as a producer, story analyst, documentary researcher, casting director and subtitle editor. In addition, Johanna is a free-lance writer and the co-creator/editor of Dare To Be Fabulous, featuring women's personal stories of daring, joy and empowerment.

Veggie Happy is Soy Happy, too. Soy Happy is a federally registered trademark ®

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