Our Approach


Veggie Happy's Approach: We focus on what's positive and what's possible

We encourage customers/fans to share their comments and suggestions with the food establishments they patronize. Most foodservice managers keep track of the feedback they receive from customers. Sometimes, they respond immediately to a customer suggestion! Take a few minutes to either thank them for the options you already enjoy or to provide suggestions on items you'd like them to carry. Check our Venue Vegetarian Guide for venue listings, including all MLB and NFL stadiums, which provides their updated vegetarian menus and contact information.

When we talk to food establishments about adding plant-based options, we focus on one simple thing: real demand. Statistics show that the majority of people buying plant-based options are not strict vegetarians or vegans, they are mainstream consumers (otherwise known as "flexitarians" or omnivores). They are the ones driving the growth of vegan foods! This includes vegan meats, ice creams, cheese, cookies, etc.

We urge large venues to provide good exposure and clear signage of newly introduced items. We generally advise integrating these options into regular stands/menus, because easy access is key for generating the sales they deserve. Give the items a fun name, mark those menu listings with a"V" and watch them sell.

We are all about celebration! We are excited about plant-based options that are tasty and have popular appeal.





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