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Johanna [director of Veggie Happy] has done a tremendous job of helping to implement vegetarian menu selections into sporting venues. She is very enthusiastic and will assist you doing research and product selection when necessary. She has encouraged, and assisted me in adding healthy menu items at my venue which we have continued to increase every season."
- Sandie Filipiak, Director of Concessions at AT&T Park

We highlight vegan food options with proven popularity among all food lovers, so you can appeal to particular dietary categories and mainstream consumers at the same time. Translation: greater sales!

We are neither a manufacturer nor a broker. We are an advocacy service. We know what's popular across consumer categories. We're happy to provide suggestions on everything from frankfurters, burgers, gluten free snacks, dairy free desserts and more. Many can be available through your distributor and we're happy to liaison if you want to receive samples directly from the manufacturers.

Veggie Happy will be your biggest cheerleader. Whenever you introduce viable vegan items, (with or without our assistance) let us know. We'll spread the word to help increase awareness of those options and to generate greater sales.
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Contact us with any of your foodservice needs or questions.

Stadiums & Large Venues: How to maximize your sales potential

Customers at large venues often encounter concession staff who are not aware of vegetarian items or their locations. As a result, these items are not selling as well as they should be. We offer these suggestions to maximize those sales:

  • Integrate your vegetarian/vegan items into several mainsteam locations throughout the stadium. Don't limit them to a designated dietary stand. Omnivores (flexitarians) enjoy these options too! You'll generate more sales by having them available with other options and providing easier access.

  • Notify all concession staff of these options and their stand locations so they can help and direct inquiring customers.

  • Include these options on all your menu listings, including your website. Post directional signs throughout the stadium so fans know that these items are available.

  • V (Suitable for Vegetarians) Use this simple V insignia to identify those foods that are 'suitable for vegetarians.' Markets in Europe sell more items this way. Again, no need to limit them to a specialty stand.

  • Choose fun names for your menu items that relate to your team, venue or region. Putting fun names on the menu will further increase their attraction and sales.

For a comprehensive listing of vegetarian options at all MLB and NFL ballparks, go to our Venue Vegetarian Guide.

Veggie Happy is Soy Happy, too. Soy Happy is a federally registered trademark ®