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April 6, 2014 Johanna was interviewed on Go Vegan Radio. Interview starts at minute 21:15


May 1, 2013 Chic Vegan

April 26, 2013 Ballpark Digest

April 24, 2013 Sunbelt Foodservice

April 23, 2013 The Discerning Brute


July 27, 2012 Cleveland Magazine article "Hot Diggity Dog!"

June 2012 The premiere summer issue of Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine

May 10, 2012 Eat in Seattle feature "Field Roast Brings Vegetarian Options to Safeco Field."

May 9, 2012 Veggie Happy is mentioned as part of the Seattle Mariners press release: "Field Roast's All-American Vegetarian Frankfurter Leads the Pack at Safeco Field."

Veggie Happy is opening the door for new vegan frankfurters at the ballparks this season, and media is paying attention. Here is a sample of other media references: May 9. 2012 Seattle Weekly: "Field Roast hits it out of the park with new haute dogs at Safeco."April 18. 2012 features "Buy me a cabernet and a veggie dog," pairing the new vegan frankfurter at San Francisco's AT&T Park with a wine there. April 6, 2012 SF Weekly has a feature article, "Field Roast Vegan Frankfurters on the Menu at the Giants Games This Season."

March 29, 2012 Johanna's work with Veggie Happy and Dare To Be Fabulous is the focus of an interview on "Light Transitions Radio: A Dialogue on Individual & Planetary change with Robert Davis." This episode is entitled, "Celebration of Food and Truth of Being." (It is between 30-40 minutes.)

April 1, 2012 Johanna on "Go Vegan Radio" on KNEW 960 AM in San Francisco. You can listen to our interview portion only, by clicking here.

March 11, 2012 Johanna is interviewed on KCET (NPR of the Southwest) "Animal Concerns of Texas."

February 2012: Note that Soy Happy is now Veggie Happy. We changed the name to better reflect the wide range of vegetarian and vegan foods that we celebrate.

January 11, 2012 Johanna will be interviewed regarding Soy Happy on Progressive Radio's "It's all about Food."


December 2011 Soy Happy has received a Vegetarian Website Award for excellence in vegetarian information.

April 7, 2011 The Sacramento Bee, "Veggie dogs arrive on Raley Field Menu."

March 9, 2011 Johanna will join the Soyfoods 2011 conference as one of the panelists discussing "Expanding the Use of Soy Protein Foods in Foodservice." This will take place in Anaheim, immediately preceding Natural Products Expo West.


November/December 2010 The Humane Society Legislative Fund features an article about Johanna and Soy Happy in its bimonthly magazine, "Humane Activist."

May 2010 The American Heart Association's Heart Insight Magazine has a feature story in this month's magazine about the healthy and vegetarian options now being offered in America's baseball stadiums. "Hit A Nutrition Home Run At the Ballpark"

March 30, 2010 The Boston Herald featured an article entitled"Red Sox spruce up menu, ballpark." It starts, "Take me out to the ball game - for a veggie Fenway Frank? In a nod to the team’s burgeoning new fan base, the Red Sox have added vegetarian burgers and hot dogs to the menu at Fenway Park this year." Yup. The Red Sox are onboard this year. That makes 19 MLB parks, and counting.

January 2010 Venues Today, a leading international trade publication, features an article on veggie menus entitled, "Living on the Vedge: vegetarian menu items become more important in ballpark fare." Soy Happy was interviewed for this article and provided contact information on the concession managers that are referenced and quoted there. The article is currently not available online, but please contact the publication to thank them for bringing such positive and needed attention to this topic. (If you'd like a PDF copy of the article, please contact Soy Happy.)


September 8 , 2009 The SanFrancisco Examiner published an article entitled"Mets' Citi Field is vegan-friendly."

July, 2009 Madison Magazine: "Baseball, Hot Dogs and...Tofu?" (Soy Happy was interviewed for this article.)

May, 2009 Diablo Magazine focuses on “Women to Watch” in the San Francisco East Bay. The theme for the 2009 issue is” Entrepreneurs with Heart.” Johanna was chosen as one of four women profiled for this issue.
(Note that Johanna's photo was taken at Bobby G's Pizzeria, where she consulted on their vegetarian menu options. When in Berkeley, go check it out!)


October 9, 2008 The Philadelphia Daily News ran a front page feature story, "Venue vegan: Phillies, Citizens Bank Park find a winning combo with meatless options."

July 23, 2008 The Mason & Ireland radio show on ESPN 710 in Los Angeles interviewed Johanna about Soy Happy and whether having veggie dogs in baseball is "un-American." Listen to the first 15 minutes of the July 23 podcast 3-4pm.

July 22, 2008 Los Angeles Times Sports columnist Jerry Crowe (Crowe's Nest): "Half of baseball buys into veggie dogs."

June 5 , 2008 The Sacramento Bee has an article by Carlos Alcala with a section on Johanna's (Soy Happy's) work with ballparks.

May 25, 2008 San Francisco Chronicle's Sunday Magazine features a full page article entitled, "Because of Johanna McCloy, vegetarians can now enjoy baseball just like anyone else."

May 3-4 , 2008 Steve Orr of MarketWatch Radio interviewed Johanna for a weekend feature about Soy Happy. It aired on 200 stations throughout the country, including KCBS San Francisco* , WBBM Chicago, WCCO, Minneapolis, KFWB, Los Angeles, WBZ, Boston, and WXYT, Detroit.

January/February, 2008 Vegetarian Times Magazine features Soy Happy and our success in opening MLB stadiums to veggie dogs among their top 25 things that are cool about being vegetarian!

January 10, 2008 The Soy Daily featured an article on Soy Happy, celebrating Soy Happy Day! (The Soy Daily reached an average of 1.9 million visitors per month in 2007.)


October, 2007 Recreation Management Magazine, a publication for concessionaires, features Soy Happy's advocacy work in an article entitled, "Food for Thought - Simple Menu Changes for Special Diets."

July 20 & 21, 2007 Johanna McCloy, founder/director of Soy Happy, is a one of the speakers at the Animal Rights 2007 Conference in Los Angeles. Her talks will focus on consumer empowerment and effective advocacy.

July, 2007 Prosper Magazine's feature about vegetarian and healthy fare in ballparks. There is also a video segment attached to this story.


Sept/Oct, 2006 Recreation Management Magazine features an article entitled, "A Grand Stand: Adding Some Mmmm to Your Concessions Menu." Soy Happy was interviewed and consulted for this article.

July 6, 2006 Scott Geiger, Soy Happy Manager for the Philadelphia Phillies, will be giving a talk at the North American Vegetarian Society's Summerfest in Pittsburgh. The talk is entitled "Creating Veg-friendly Ballparks and Restaurants-how to make everyone’s experience more enjoyable with vegetarian food option."

June 2006 VegNews featured Soy Happy's update on the status of veggie dogs and other vegetarian menu items in baseball stadiums.


September/October, 2005 Recreation Management Magazine This bimonthly publication targets recreation, sports and fitness facility managers throughout the United States. This lead article is entitled “Eaters Digest: Concessions and Foodservice for Increasingly Health Conscious Consumers”. Soy Happy and its director are both featured in this article. Read it online by clicking on the link above.

July 13, 2005 Philadelphia Daily News feature, "New game at the ballpark: Phillies add vegetarian menu to its lineup" (highlighting our Soy Happy Manager's success there).

April, 2005: Do you listen to Air America? Then you've probably heard Planet Check, a one-minute environmental radio report that is syndicated on that program in 39 markets, and counting. It's syndicated on many other radio stations as well, and is gaining popularity. Soy Happy is featured in reports regarding veggie dogs at baseball stadiums and Johanna offers information in another report that focuses on the harmful environmental effects of factory farms.

April 16-17, 2005 Feature in MarketWatch radio's weekend edition.

April 12, 2005 Front page story in The Washington Times.

April 2005 Organic Style Magazine (article on page 38).

April 2005 Vegetarian Times Magazine (feature story on p.90-91 and p.95).

January/February 2005 Feature in the Yoga Journal.

Johanna interviewed VIPs and audience members on behalf of the film makers of the powerful and moving documentary film, Peaceable Kingdom. The interviews were conducted at a sold out premiere at San Francisco's Herbst Theatre in July. A 3-minute streaming video taken from those interviews can be seen if you click on the link above. Also, please check to find out about local screenings of this powerful film; to order your own video copy; and for more information!


A special 29-minute feature, "Modern Meat Alternatives"recently aired on KALX 90.7 FM in Berkeley, California. Johanna offered consulting to the producer, Justin Beck, and was also featured in the program.


Fall 2004: Erik Marcus has included an essay by Johanna in his newly released book, Meat Market: Animals, Ethics and Money. The essay, "Making Foodservice Operations Vegan-Friendly" informs on the basic logistics of the food business and offers helpful suggestions to consumers to make their food suggestions as effective as possible.

July/August 2004: Natural Home Magazine.

July 2004: The Vegetarian Journal features an article written by SH director Johanna McCloy: "Encouraging Vegetarian Foods in Concession Stands" .

February 17-20: Johanna was one of the featured speakers at the 7th Annual Soyfoods Summit taking place at the La Jolla Hyatt Regency in San Diego. The topic of Johanna's talk: "The Shift from Natural to Mainstream: The Little Consumer That Could".

February 20: KPFK 90.7 FM, the Pacifica station based out of Los Angeles, featured an item about SH on their Watchdog segment during the 6pm Evening News. This took place during their fund drive.

January 10, 2004: Johanna was interviewed regarding Soy Happy Day for the evening news on KPFA 94.1 FM, a Pacifica station which broadcasts throughout Northern California.

Business Trend Analysts, Inc has issued a report on The Market for Meat and Dairy Alternatives 2003-2004. Soy Happy was consulted during the research process and is included in this report.


October 30, 2003: Johanna was the guest lecturer for EarthSave International's bay area chapter in Palo Alto. The topic was "Consumer Activism: Using your Voice".

July-Sept 2003 Blue Book Update (link to a pdf file, see p.2): A feature story on Johanna and Soy Happy® appears in the 3rd edition of this publication. This update goes out to thousands of people all over the world.

Sunday August 24: Interview with Johanna regarding the effects of our diet on the environment for the radio program Meet the Planet, airing on KNEW 910 AM in the SF/bay area.

Fall 2003 ASPCA's Animal Watch Magazine: Featured update (end of August).

Monday, August 2nd. Speaking Engagement: Patti Howard, SH Manager for the Baltimore Orioles, will be speaking on behalf of Johanna at the Animal Rights Conference in Los Angeles.

July, 2003. Foodservice Director Magazine will feature a news item about the newly passed "Healthy School Lunch" Resolution (ACR16) in California. SH was asked to provide commentary as Media & Communications Coordinator for this Resolution.

Friday, June 20th: The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles interviewed Johanna for an article about kosher hot dogs at Dodger Stadium. (SH was responsible for facilitating a certified Kosher veggie dog at that stadium).

July/August (special double issue): SH Director Johanna McCloy contributes an article entitled "Veggie Choices in Schools: A Resolution for Change" in Satya Magazine. It is about consumer activism and the success of the "healthy school lunch" resolution (ACR16) in California, with additional contributions from Assemblyman Joe Nation's Senior Aide, Jackie Bowland, and the sponsor of ACR16, Barbara Gates.

Planet Check, a one minute green feature soon to be featured on various radio stations, recorded a feature segment about Soy Happy®. (The segment is available for listening online. Click on SoyDog.mp3 on the home page).

  • From Sports Illustrated Magazine:
    April 14, 2003
    Sports Beat BYLINE: Edited by Kostya Kennedy and Mark Bechtel
    .... If actress Johanna McCloy had her way, we'd be calling him Veggie Sanders. McCloy, who starred as Ensign Calloway in Star Trek: the Next Generation and did ads for Dog Chow and Miller Lite, has launched Soy Happy, an organization determined to get vegetarian fare on the menu at every major league ballpark. "I never really thought I was going to get a movement going," says McCloy, 38. "It started because I was at a Dodgers game a few years ago and there wasn't one vegetarian option in the Stadium." She began writing concession managers at parks, and now about a dozen stadiums carry veggie dogs. Her website,, features endorsements from, among others, Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, a vegetarian, who is pictured cuddling a couple of kittens.
  • Tuesday, April 1st: The Oakland Tribune ran a front page feature entitled, "New opening day tradition: sun, beer and a veggie hot dog."
  • Note: PETA's Top Ten Veggie Ballparks generated a lot of media nationwide. PETA consulted with Soy Happy in creating this list. All of those media mentions are not listed here.
  • Monday, March 10th: ANG Newspapers featured a biographical feature story about Soy Happy director Johanna McCloy in all of their papers: The Oakland Tribune; The Daily Review; The Argus; Tri-Valley Herald; San Ramon Valley Herald; Alameda Times-Star; San Mateo County Times; Times-Herald; Pacifica Tribune; The Milipitas Post; Marin Independent Journal. Link to the ANG Newspapers feature here.
  • Forum for Animal Rights (FAR), an Indianapolis based paper, will feature a story about Soy Happy.
  • May 2003: Cooking Light Magazine features a story about meat alternatives. The writer consulted Soy Happy for resources and information.

    * Links directly to articles or publications are provided when possible. If you'd like to receive E-mail updates or alerts on topical news relating to Soy Happy endeavors, become one of our subscribers! We have 1,000 subsribers now, including individual consumers; animal, health and environmental organizations; vendors; manufacturers; concession companies; members of the media; celebrity endorsers; and more. Click on "Join Us" for more information.

Making News in 2002

December/January 2002-2003: Satya Magazine featured an interview with Soy Happy's director in an article entitled "Vegetarian Advocate: How One Vegetarian Makes a Difference" in this special double issue. Satya Magazine is a monthly publication focusing on vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal advocacy, and social justice.

November 10, 2002: The Augusta Chronicle in Georgia featured an article about the rise in popularity of vegetarian alternatives. Soy Happy was used as a resource for this story. The feature, with links to the Editors and a Chat room can be linked here.

July 14, 2002: USA Weekend, the color magazine that comes in 580 Sunday papers, ran a story about Soy Happy. About USA Weekend.

April , 2002 : People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) announced their list of baseball's "Top Ten Veggie Ballparks". Soy Happy provided PETA with assistance on this list. Scores of media covered this story. Some major media citing Soy Happy included the San Francisco Chronicle (April 8) and USA Today (April 11). PETA's Top Ten Veggie Ballparks for 2002

March 28, 2002: The hosts of Drive Time Sports on KKZN 760 The Zone in Denver, Colorado, interviewed Soy Happy's director Johanna McCloy. KKZN carries the Colorado Rockies games.

March 27, 2002: The Cincinnati Enquirer featured Get yer cold beer, veggie dog!

March 18, 2002: The Boston Globe featured a story in its "Consumer Beat" column on the connection between hot dogs and diabetes...and the move to add vegetarian dogs in ballparks.

On Videos and VegTV

"Get Yer Veggie Dogs Here!" produced an eight minute segment about Soy Happy during the 2001 baseball season. Click here to watch the segment on line! Note: This news segment does not mention ballparks that have added veggie dogs since that time. Be sure to check the Updates for the most recent list of veggie dog ballparks!

Soy Happy is also pleased to present the segment on VHS, entitled Get Yer Veggie Dogs Here! If you are an interested vendor or representative of the media, please contact Soy Happy for more information.

Partial Listing of 2001 Media Coverage

The Vegetarian Times magazine, Livrite, The ASPCA's Animal Watch, Fitness Link, The Animals' Agenda, The Soy Fan Club, The Los Angeles Times, Earth Island Journal, Friends of Animals Action Line, Grist magazine, Vegetarian Voice magazine, PETA's Animal Times, The Farm Sanctuary News, The Philadelphia Daily News, Jewish Singles, EcoVegEvents, the South New Jersey and San Francisco Vegetarian Societies, Orange County People for Animals, Sporting News, Vegetarians in Paradise, KRLA 870 Radio, The World Revolution, Last Chance for Animals, Soystache, Veggie Place, Years to Your Health, Animal Rights at, In Defense of Animals, and Veggies Unite!

Veggie Happy is Soy Happy, too. Soy Happy is a federally registered trademark ®