Here's to you on Veggie Happy Day January 10

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What is Veggie Happy Day? It's a day that celebrates customer empowerment.

Every email, every call, every personal thank you, and every person behind them reinforced our advocacy work and helped us open the door to veggie dogs in MLB stadiums. It only took ten minutes of each person's time, but collectively, it created a force for change.

How do you celebrate Veggie Happy Day? Simple! Contact a local and/or frequented venue or food establishment with your feedback on their menu options. That's it.

Whether it's a large sporting/entertainment venue or a fine restaurant, cafeteria, coffeehouse, deli or pizzeria, customer feedback is taken very seriously. How will they know what you want or appreciate if you don't tell them?? Empower yourself. Check You, the customer for our tips on how to be most effective in communicating your suggestions.

  • Do you love a particular item on the menu? Reinforce that item! Express your appreciation for it.
  • Are you frustrated by their lack of a viable vegan option? What would you like them to offer? Tell them what you'd like on their menu if it isn't there now.
  • If it's a large venue, is there clear signage to find the options you want? Share your feedback about this too. It matters.

Baseball fans: January is the optimal time to share menu feedback with your favorite ballparks.
Concessionaires will be considering fan comments while they review their menu for the coming season. Chime in now! Go to our MLB Venue Vegetarian Guide to find your team/stadium's menu listing and contact information.

Our Venue Vegetarian Guide also includes NFL stadium listings and links to other types of venues. You can also go directly to your selected establishment's website for their contact information.

Celebrate your power as a customer on Veggie Happy Day...and every day!
Remember that you, yes you, can make a difference.



Veggie Happy is Soy Happy, too. Soy Happy is a federally registered trademark ®