Here's to you on Veggie Happy Day (January 10)

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Customer feedback makes a difference!

Venues and food establishments rely on customer feedback when considering menu changes. How will they know what menu options you're missing (or already appreciate) if you don't tell them? Every comment counts.

Veggie Happy was able to open doors to veggie dogs and vegan frankfurters in stadiums thanks in large part to all the fans that chimed in. Concession managers tallied their requests and took them seriously. Sometimes, just one fan's feedback did it! As a result, we created Veggie Happy Day as an opportunity for everyone to realize their own power as an individual customer. (For more information, check out our blog, "Celebrating Veggie Happy Day".)

What do you do for Veggie Happy Day? It's super easy. Think of restaurants, cafeterias or venues that you've been to recently:

  • Was there a vegan item on the menu that you enjoyed? Reinforce that menu option by relaying your appreciation for it.
  • Were you frustrated by the lack of a viable vegan option? For example, were you stuck with an iceberg lettuce salad or a plate of fries or a side vegetable plate? What would you have liked for them to offer? Tell them.
  • Send an email, post a comment to their Facebook page, or call the establishment directly and speak to the manager. Check out You, the customer for some tips on how to be most effective in sharing your feedback.

Baseball fans: this is the ideal time to start sharing your concessions feedback with baseball stadiums.
Concessionaires will consider fan comments before determining their menus for the upcoming season. Chime in now! They'll consider suggestions and sample new options from now through spring training. Go to our MLB Venue Vegetarian Guide to find updated menu listings and contact information. (Our Venue Vegetarian Guide has links to other venues as well.)

You are one valuable customer. Remember that you, yes you, can make a difference.

  Veggie Happy is Soy Happy, too. Soy Happy is a federally registered trademark ®