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VeggieHappy communicates directly with our venue partners to procure their complete plant-based menu listings. New venues are invited to contact us to have their plant-based menu listings added to our popular guide. We also offer menu consulting services to all our venue partners. Please email to learn more.

VeggieHappy features menu options that either do not include animal products (cheese/dairy, eggs, or meat) or, where added, can be removed. VeggieHappy does not guarantee that menu items in our listings are 100% vegan. If you have questions about the ingredients in any menu item, please contact the venue directly.

Our menu listings are updated whenever our venue partners notify us of changes to their plant-based menu items and locations. The date of the last update is indicated at the bottom of each menu listing. Note that most sports venues update their menus annually, at the start of a sport’s season. This means that even if a listing hasn’t been updated for a year, the menu may still be current. If you visit a venue or note something is missing or has changed to a menu listing, please contact us.

Go to “Post New Review” on the menu listing page and enter your review there. Note that VeggieHappy will not share your personal information. View our Privacy Policy for more information.

Please use our Contact form and let us know what changed. We, and our venue partners, do our best to keep venue listing information as up-to-date as possible. Your listing corrections are appreciated!

We encourage you to post a review and rate your food experience at that venue. Share what you like, or what you want. You can also contact the venue directly and ask for the Foodservice or Concessions Manager. Customer suggestions are not only appreciated, they are tallied. One suggestion can sometimes make all the difference.

YES. We continually add new listings to our guide. Please feel free to contact us with specific venue requests.

You must be an official representative for a team, venue, or the foodservice management company in order to submit or update a menu listing page. If you are one of those representatives, please contact us for assistance.

VeggieHappy welcomes new Business Partners. Please contact us with your inquiry. Our marketing director will reply with information about our advertising opportunities.


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