PETA has just announced their top ten vegan-friendly ballparks for 2017. VeggieHappy provided some assistance to PETA for their campaign and our Venue Vegetarian Guide (MLB) has been linked at the bottom of their announcement. (Read PETA’s top ten list here.)

The Texas Rangers’ Globe Life Park came in at #1 this season. Major kudos needs to be given to Twalla, who is largely responsible for the wonderful vegan options that are now available there. (You may have read her guest post on the VH blog last year. Another post will be coming from her soon.)

It used to be that the Rangers had very little in the way of plant-based options available for their fans. Twalla is a huge Rangers fan, a vegan, and a regular game attendee. She contacted VeggieHappy a number of years ago, asking what she could do to make a difference. From there, she took it on. She provided suggestions and feedback to the foodservice reps and was gracious in her approach. She’s the kind of fan they want to please, and their response has proven that. She is their go-to person for all things vegan now. (Twalla also created a dedicated Veggie Texas Rangers Fans Facebook page and has hosted a number of group game outings to celebrate their vegan options.)

One fan made the difference at that ballpark. One fan who believed in what was possible, who communicated with a smile, and who took the time to be resourceful and professional in her communications.

It’s easy to be complacent about the lack of viable plant-based options at a given venue or foodservice establishment. The thing is, how is that establishment expected to know about your experience of eating before or after, or bringing your own food . . . if you don’t ever tell them? Most businesses tally customer feedback and factor it into future decisions.

When you use the VeggieHappy Guide to find out what plant-based options are available at MLB or NFL stadiums (and more categories will come), take a few minutes to utilize the contact information for that venue as well. Chime in with your own customer feedback. Thank them for what they have, or ask them to offer what you find missing. That’s all there is to it! Make your voice count.

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