VeggieHappy and members of the media were invited to Levi’s Stadium for an introduction to their new and local concession brands and to sample menu offerings. Here are some highlights, along with a list of  updates from other NFL venues.

The Faithful Farm at Levi’s Stadium

Did you know that Levi’s Stadium has a large organic rooftop garden on the west side of the stadium? Their sustainable garden, known as Faithful Farm, was established in 2016, and many of the club and concession offerings at the stadium incorporate the vegetables, herbs, and fruits that are grown there.

Faithful Farm is managed by Lara Hermanson of Farmscape, the largest urban farming company in California. Farmscape also manages the on-site farm at the San Francisco Giants’ Oracle Park.

“We started this project up on the roof at the request of Danielle York, who owns the team with her husband Jed,” Hermanson tells VeggieHappy’s co-founder Johanna McCloy. “Danielle was a high school science teacher and was really interested in all things environmental. The stadium had a green roof with native low-water plants, but it wasn’t really being used for anything. I’m her gardener in other applications, so we came up with this idea to do a green roof that produces food that then percolates throughout the stadium and to all the different concession stands.”

The farm uses all-organic soil and compost, sustainably harvested redwood, and drip irrigation to ensure as small an environmental impact as possible. The crops are rotated seasonally. “We’re in the process of season switch now, changing over from Summer to Winter,” says Hermanson. “Winter is where the roof does the best, because green roofs are conducive to shallow-rooted beans, kales, lettuces, baby mustards, and more. Chefs really value these, and work them into salads at the Club level and to dishes at different concession stands.”

This was evident in the Whiskey Mule cocktail, offered by Gold Bar Whisky (another local brand partner) at the onset of Levi’s Stadium’s concessions sampling tour. The drink was garnished with aromatic fresh mint, which was picked minutes earlier at Faithful Farm. A delightful way to start the tour!

Plant-based options and local brands at Levi’s Stadium

Starting this season, Levi’s Stadium is featuring a Beyond Meat portable stand (section 315) which serves the Beyond Brat and the Italian sausage with grilled peppers and onions. Popular Bay Area bread bakery Le Boulanger, another Levi’s Stadium brand partner, is also making a vegan bun specifically for this stand.

These are other local brands offering plant-based menu items at Levi’s Stadium this season:

  • Super Duper (section 118 )- Veggie (vegan) Burger, served on a vegan bun, with hummus, cucumber, lettuce, and tomato
  • Curry Roots (section 128 ) – Vegan Samosa with Chutney
  • Iguanas Burritozilla (section 116) – Veggie Burrito (available without cheese or sour cream)

Watch for their food images on Instagram and Facebook, where VeggieHappy features a wonderful variety of plant-based menu offerings from all of our venue partners.

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