Thursday, March 26, was supposed to be Opening Day for Major League Baseball. Sports may not be back in play for a while, but the professional sports community is in full swing, helping those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every day, there are more news items related to the ways that professional sporting leagues, teams, players, venues, and foodservice management companies are coming through to help others during the current global health crisis. Here are two of the latest news items: Drew Brees and his wife Brittany will be committing $5 million to the State of Louisiana for relief efforts to fight against the pandemic, and MLB’s apparel manufacturer, Fanatics, will be diverting from its production of jerseys to the production of protective masks and gowns for healthcare workers.

In their recently dispatched March newsletter, the Green Sports Alliance provided a list of many other specific news items that we wanted to share with all of you here. Perhaps your favorite league, team, player, or sports-related company has pitched in to help already. Or perhaps they’re next. Here’s the list that GSA provided (through March 25):

Click the links to learn more about some of the amazing things the sports community is doing to help during the COVID-19 pandemic:

We’re all in this together. Please be safe out there, and look out for those in need.

Photo Credit: Flickr – wikemaz 2014.