The official opening of Major League Baseball’s 2019 regular season begins on March 20-21 in Tokyo, Japan. The Seattle Mariners will be playing the Oakland Athletics at Tokyo Dome for two games. What can visiting fans anticipate to find there?

First, some fun facts about Tokyo Dome

  • Tokyo Dome is part of a larger entertainment complex called Tokyo Dome City, which includes a hotel, restaurants, a spa, an amusement park, and the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • Tokyo Dome is the home of the Yomiuri Giants baseball team, sometimes referred to as “the New York Yankees of Japan” because of its popularity.
  • The baseball field at Tokyo Dome is different from most baseball fields in several ways: it has a larger foul territory, no warning tracks, and a 14-foot high outfield fence.
  • In the seat sections near the Dugouts, fans will find a complimentary helmet and glove waiting on each seat. This is because there is no protective netting in those sections. Fans are free to use these items during the game, but must leave them behind; they are not giveaways.
  • Beer girls walk through the stands offering fans beer cup refills from a tap, as well as whisky. (Note that tipping is not expected in Japan.)
  • In addition to hosting baseball games, Tokyo Dome hosts many other sporting events and concerts. This is where many international singers and bands play when they come to Tokyo.

Your food options inside Tokyo Dome

A wide variety of food options are offered inside Tokyo Dome, but unfortunately, most are meat-based. They sell plenty of Western-style fried fare along with Japanese dishes. Some meat-free options you can find are French Fries (referred to as “Fried Potato”), Pretzels, and Japanese fried noodles (“Yakisoba”).

The most prevalent food option you’ll find at Tokyo Dome is the bento box. Bento boxes are very common in Japan. These are compartmentalized boxes, usually with about seven compartments, that offer different food items inside each section. Bento boxes at Tokyo Dome are based on individual Yomiuri Giants players and their favorite food combinations. Vegetarian offerings inside the compartments might include rice, noodles, sushi, potato balls, pickled vegetables, and more. (We haven’t confirmed if they have an all-vegetarian box.)

We don’t have a food location guide to share, as we do on our venue listing pages, but the bento boxes are easy to find throughout the stadium, stacked up in front of the kiosks (they are meant to be eaten at room temperature). For visitors who cannot read Japanese, you’ll be able to differentiate by looking at the little pictures of what’s inside each box. You may not be able to decipher every ingredient, but it’s a good start. Otherwise, visitors are also allowed to bring their own food and beverages (including beer), so you can consider this before entering the venue.

If you attend a game at Tokyo Dome, be it this week, or any other time of the year, please share photos of any plant-based menu options you find there! You can share those with us via social media on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Back to the U.S. (and Toronto)

The traditional opening day for all 30 Major League Baseball clubs will be on Thursday, March 28th. All of the clubs are scheduled to play that day.

VeggieHappy has assisted some MLB parks with their menu options and has already confirmed several plant-based menu listing updates for 2019. Check out our listing pages for Dodger Stadium (their new Tempeh Basebowl and Tempeh Nachos with vegan cheese are standouts!), Target Field (Twins), Kauffman Stadium (Royals), Miller Park (Brewers), and MiLB’s Harbor Park (Norfolk Tides).

We’ll add more menu updates to our MLB venue pages as we get them!

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