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Wolfgang Puck’s Vegan Menu for the Oscars Party

The 91st annual Oscars ceremony is this Sunday, February 24. Following the televised event, 1,500 Oscar nominees and guests will proceed to the Governors Ball, where the menu, catered by Wolfgang Puck, will include a full listing of vegan options.

This is the 25th consecutive year that Wolfgang Puck’s company will be catering the Governors Ball. In 2013, he made a big push to add more vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and nut-free dishes to the menu, and the number of these items has grown each year. In fact, in 2017, Puck wrote an article about the rising demand for vegan options in the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. He wrote, “With veganism gaining an ever-higher profile, it’s only natural that my chefs and I get more and more frequent requests for vegan dishes. Now, you might think that we’d find it challenging to prepare delicious, even luxurious-tasting food following such restrictions. But, in fact, more and more products are widely available that make vegan cooking not only possible but actually a pleasure.”

Wolfgang Puck Catering’s press representative also shared this with us: “Wolfgang knows this is important to many people, especially in Hollywood! Wellness is very important to Wolfgang. This [includes] the types of food we eat and how we treat the animals we eat.”

VeggieHappy has received the full 2019 Governors Ball menu from Wolfgang Puck Catering, with items marked to signify which are Vegan. We’ve compiled those items below, divided by category, in order to highlight all the dedicated Vegan menu offerings this year. (Warning: you might want food nearby when you read this; you’re going to get envious, and hungry!)


  • Avocado Tostadas with Crunch Cabbage and Chipotle Glaze


  • Wild Mushroom Potsticker, Black Truffle Ponzu
  • Mini Taro Root Taco with Miso Glazed Eggplant and Smoked Soy Mushrooms
  • Heirloom Carrot “Tartare”, Pickled Mustard Seed, Horseradish, Sunchoke Bark *
  • Opal Apple “Summer Roll”, Cucumber, Shiso, Pomegranate Pearl (also GF) *


  • Frozen Golden Beets, Almond Custard, Meyer Lemon, Ice Lettuce (Served Cold)
  • Torchio Pasta, Arugula, Tomato, Caper Berries, Aleppo Pepper, Black Olive Oil, Basil Flower (Served Hot) *


  • Coconut – Chocolate Bar


  • Tropical Pavlova with Macerated Jackfruit and Dragon Fruit

VEGAN SWEETS (Without Gluten)

  • Hawaiian Superfood Spheres
  • Red Velvet Whoopie Pies
  • Cashew Vanilla Tiramisu
  • Tropical Halo-Halo
  • Sunflower Raspberry Macaroon
  • Chocolate and Sea Salt Cookies

This vegan menu deserves a gold statue of its own!

* Check out these food item photographs on our Instagram page @VeggieHappyGuide

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