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Guest post: TX Rangers’ GlobeLife Park and its Ballpark Vegan Cart by Twalla Grant

Twalla Grant is an avid Texas Rangers fan and the volunteer VeggieHappy Manager for GlobeLife Park.

Our Texas Rangers may not be #1 for the AL West (yet) but the BallPark Vegan cart at GlobeLife Park is! (Scroll down for more photos.)

GlobeLife Park concessions have gone from a single vegan-friendly hot dog to a fully vegan cart in just a few short seasons. It was not always easy convincing the concessions manager that the need for more plant based options was there, but being consistent and staying in constant contact was key.

After befriending the Concessions Manager via e-mail, I didn’t just e-mail giving feedback about the hot dog, but about any big game happenings too (wins, losses, player trades, etc). Even in the off season, I stayed in contact. I am sure, as I told him, there were plenty of days that he wished I forgot his e-mail. I e-mailed a lot. A LOT.

Do you have a local vegan Facebook group? Being part of local vegan groups, I was able to effectively spread the word about the options available at GlobeLife Park. Sales increased when word spread about the vegan-friendly hot dog and its location within the stadium. There were even a few games where they completely sold out! At that point, I decided to create a Facebook page, Veggie Texas Ranger Fans, to help document the need for more plant based options. For each post made by a fan other than myself, I would e-mail a link or screen shot to the Concessions Manager to continue to show the need for more plant based options.

Since GlobeLife Park allows you to bring in your own food and drink, I was able to bring in things for the Concessions Manager to try. I wouldn’t call it bribery, but more like spreading the vegan love. Omnis (omnivores) are not always aware of yummy plant based foods, so it’s important to share when they’re willing to taste, and luckily, he was.

Fast forward to 2017 and we are in our second season with a fully vegan cart that is doing outstanding!

The best advice I can offer to make this happen for your MLB Park (or any venue) is to stay in constant contact with the Concessions Manager and get other like-minded fans involved. You need to be able to show that there is a need for plant based option at their venue. Ask other fans to call/e-mail but make sure YOU are doing it as well. Using social media to its advantage will also help in showing the need to any venue’s Concessions Manager.

In our second year with the vegan cart, we have two new items: black bean tamales & Mediterranean nachos. They are doing well. The vegan dog remains a top seller. It can be ordered plain or with chili & “cheeze” (I like spelling dairy-free cheese with a ‘z’).

Now, for some photos!

Margie & Cory, on Opening Day 2017 stayed with fan favorites, BallPark Nachos & Hot Dog topped with chili, cheeze and grilled onions. To quote Cory: “Thank you for making this available at the ballpark. It’s great to be able to order more than just fries.”

Margie & Cory
Margie & Cory

Makenna likes the Southwest burger (comes with Stacy’s pita chips). To quote Makenna: “The burger was so good! Love that there are vegan options at the ballpark.”

Makenna (right)

Terry (pictured) and his wife, Traci, like their hot dog with chili, cheeze and grilled onions.


Paul provided a before & after picture of the black bean tamales that he ordered topped with cheeze, grilled onions and jalapenos. According to Paul, an avid meat eater & Ranger fan, “I didn’t expect much from dairy-free cheese, but after that first bite, I’m hooked. It has more of a spicy kick to it, which I prefer, and since my wife is making me watch my cholesterol, this will be my go-to at games.”

How quickly it disappeared!
How quickly it disappeared!

My personal favorite varies between the black bean tamales with cheeze & grilled onions and the ballpark nachos with chili & cheeze. As the Texas heat sets in, I think the Mediterranean nachos will become a favorite. Tip for the Mediterranean nachos: Let the toppings marinate into the hummus for a few minutes before digging in.

Twalla (me) with the Tamales
Twalla (me) with the Tamales

I love attending games with my boyfriend or a group of girlfriends. We love our Texas Rangers and the BallPark Vegan cart!

Twalla (me), Rachel, Coline and Whitney
Twalla (me), Rachel, Coline and Whitney

I recently hosted a vegan meet up in April at GlobeLife Park and am planning two more.

Photo courtesy of Dallas Vegan Roundup
Photo courtesy of Dallas Vegan Roundup

If you’re ever in Texas and going to attend a Rangers game, please let me know. You can contact me via my Facebook page: Veggie Texas Ranger Fans. We would love to hear about your experience or come say “hi” if we’re at the same game!

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  1. This is a wonderful “how to” for those of us attending ballparks that are not as vegan friendly.

    Thank you!

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