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“O” Wow: Camden Yards makes top 10 vegan friendly ballparks (guest post)

This guest post is from Heather Moore, a lifelong Orioles fan, a seasoned vegan, and the volunteer Veggie Happy Manager for the O’s. Heather can be reached directly via email or at 941-330-6430 (call or text) if you have questions or want to help get more vegan options at O’s stadiums.

If you read my recent guest blog about the veggie options at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, the spring time home of the Baltimore Orioles, you know that I was eager to share some exciting news about PETA’s 2017 Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Ballparks: Oriole Park at Camden Yards scored the eighth spot for its variety of veggie wraps and veggie dogs and burgers!

Root, root!

While I haven’t personally been to Camden Yards in quite some time, I know that you can get Field Roast vegan franks or veggie burgers at popular concession stands, O What A Dog and Baseline Burgers. Other concessions stands also offer veg-friendly fare, such as soft pretzels, fruit salads, and traditional veg snacks like popcorn, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks.

My mouth waters whenever I think about the vegan franks available at Camden Yards!

I’m a still a bit jealous of Texas Rangers fans, though. Globe Life Park in Arlington took the top spot on the list of vegan-friendly ballparks, and the menu at Ballpark Vegan makes me really drool.

OK, but the O’s have beaten the Rangers before (remember the 2012 AL Wild Card Game?) and we can do it again—and perhaps Camden Yards can eventually beat (or at least tie) Globe Life Park on PETA’s list of vegan-friendly stadiums.

O’s fans—and fans of any venue that offers vegan options—can help.

The concessions at Oriole Park at Camden Yards are managed by Delaware North Sportservice (Tel: 410-659-0812). Let’s give them some fan feedback—think of it like voting for the All-Star Game, except that it might be a bit counterproductive to contact them 25 times a day.

If you call, I recommend congratulating Camden Yards on making the top 10 vegan-friendly list and praising their existing options, such as the vegan franks and veggie burgers, before suggesting a few additional vegan items that you would order. (I think mini crabless cakes would be ideal at Camden Yards, but you can relay that more vegan options in general would be “o-mazing.”)

You can also go to the Contact Us link on and fill in the form to suggest some more vegan fare. And here’s the telephone number for Oriole Park at Camden Yards: 410-685-9800

If you receive an exciting response, please share it!

Watch for the new mobile-friendly VeggieHappy website and Venue Guide (directory), launching later this summer!

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