Vegetarian Teens

A recent Associated Press article, “First US count finds 1 in 200 kids are vegetarian,” written by medical writer Mike Stobbes, caught my attention. The statistics cited in the title come from a government study, but “other surveys suggest the rate could be four to six times that among older teens who have more control over what they eat than young children do.”

There’s a reason why the Healthy School Lunch Resolution was passed by a large majority of California’s legislature in 2003. They recognized that school lunches needed to accommodate students with a proclivity for vegetarian diets. Implementation? Well, that’s another story for another time. (Click on the link for some wonderful organizations that are focused on this issue.)

The rise in demand for vegetarian fare is notable among older teens and college students. College dining options have changed considerably over the past five years, in order to reflect that demand. This is what I emphasize to concession managers when I encourage them to add vegetarian options to their menus.

Anyway. The AP article does a good job of highlighting the increase in vegetarian teens, profiling a few individiduals as examples. Check it out.


The Fab Phillies Menu

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies on their 2008 World Series championship!

You could say that the Phillies’ Citizen’s Bank Park also takes the Soy Happy cake.  May Aramark’s Kevin Tedesco be an inspiration for all ballpark concession managers in 2009.
Check out these fun news stories:

On October 9, 2008 the Philadelphia Daily News ran a front page feature story, “Venue Vegan; Phillies Citizens Bank Park finds a winning combo with meatless menu.”
Also, watch a terrific 2008 opening day piece from Philadelphia’s ABC6 News.

If you are a foodservice director or concession manager, remember that Soy Happy has provided consultation and liaison services to dozens of MLB parks.  We are here to help you find the best veggie items for your venue.  We also promote the heck out of ’em by alerting your fans and local media when they become available. 

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